Current projects

The deep structure of prescribing: modelling patterns of Diagnosis and Drug treatment.

Intelligent Algorithm Tackling Poly-pharmacy (many drugs prescribed). Poly -pharmacy is very complex; it affects everyone and is a lot more tan the standard drug-drug interactions. The systems we propose to create will allow pharmacists to detect deviations from common practice, forecast events of operational significance, and anticipate resource needs.

Measure for Measure : Utilizing proms for service optimization

Patient reported outcome measures( PROMS) are a new, patient-centered way of capturing the impact of disease and its treatment. PROMS are being used to compare hospitals and secure funding. We shall seek to build predictive models of what aspects of management translate to good versus bad PROMS.

Cerebral Dimensions: Predicting outcomes of infections in the central nervous system

We propose to create high-dimensional models of cerebro-spinal fluid parameters – a test performed for patients with brain infections . We want to combine them with routine blood tests, that seek to predict patient outcomes of interest.: the casual organism, and response to treatment in patients with brain infections.

The center can hold: Rigidity and flexibility in clinical failure.

This project is about SAFETY. We will examine all clinical failures at UCLH held within DATIX, over the duration of its existence. For each incident, we propose to categorize how many were best explicable by failing to follow a rule , and how many from failure to apply flexible clinical reasoning outside any specifiable rule

 Past projects ..

Reducing Medicinal Waste and Overprescription in Cancer Patients

Safeguarding Patient Property in a Hospital Setting

Green Bags

Improving Maternal Confidence in Neonatal Care Through a Checklist Intervention

Efficacy of Touch Surgery to Augment the Performance of Medical Students in a Catheterization Skill